Wireless Services

Adder Consulting is a full service wireless provider, and can deliver any wireless solution in any size deployment. We also offer a multitude of backend systems that make a wireless access so much more valuable than just providing connectivity.

Wireless Services

Adder Consulting uses sophisticated systems such as RADIUS and AAA (Authentication Accounting Authorization) services, Hardware provisioning and deployment, unique branding, network monitoring, splash page configuration and design, site survey for optimized hardware deployment, secure network traffic, optional styles of connectivity such as amenity , prepaid cards, or pay as you go.

The wireless environments we implement are hardware and technology ambiguous and will operate with any device able to obtain a signal. A unique feature of our wireless implementations is that when a legacy or older and slower device connects the wireless network is able to provide the slower unit access and optimal speeds for the device without slowing or degrading the quality of service for others who may be connected on higher speed devices.

All Colubrids™ wireless networks we set up are capable of supporting voice over internet protocol or VoIP telephone services such as Viper™ VoIP, and are convergence compliant. Being convergence compliant means they are capable of streaming media like voice, video, and messaging.

Our wireless solutions are available as a standalone hotspot, an integrated wireless and wired topology, or as an integration of our AreaXS™ online community product.

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