Why Adder?

Why Adder Consulting?

The fundamental difference in working with Adder Consulting, is our focus and approach to identifying and solving your issues, leveraging decades of experience to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

Our Approach

Our approach utilizes years of experience and knowledge from the business world combined with an equal knowledge of cutting edge technology and methodologies. The combination of business knowledge and technology insight is critical when performing a business evaluation resulting in recommendations and implementing procedures.

Our competition will always fall in one of the two categories below, and this explains why our Balanced Optimization Approach (BOA) is superior to other services.

Typical Technology Consulting Companies

Solutions are focused on the latest-greatest technology craze, and limited to one or two areas (and not the whole picture)
ROI is fleeting and difficult to quantify
Solutions do not address complex company wide business needs, resulting in the need for more technology
Following the “pack” leads to the highest cost solutions - guaranteed
Over spending, over-solving problems is pervasive

Typical Business Consulting Companies

Overly focused on human power and lacking in technology solutions
How can you solve problems using technology when you don’t know about it
Will follow the technology “pack”, always resulting in the highest cost solutions
Business only solutions often take twice as long to implement and/or adopt
Lack of technology use in solutions creates just another “rigid” process, requiring more expenses when the technology

Research and Development

Adder Consulting has spent years performing research and development to create the most cost effective solutions available. Sometimes the research is triggered by a clients need for a solution, sometimes we see a need in the industry and develop solutions at a fraction of the cost of the mainstream solutions available.

Unique Solutions

Through our R&D we end up with solutions that sometimes seem too good to be true. One example is a Microsoft Exchange solution that is about 70% less than MS-Exchange, yet has all the features (and more). Another example is our Viper VoIP solution. Internally we struggled with a traditional PBX, and we needed a solution we could integrate with other systems, and was flexible, scalable and robust enough for enterprise environments. We went through an extensive evaluation process and implemented 5 complete systems which were all tossed aside because they did not deliver as promised. We finally ended up with Viper VoIP, a system far superior to other systems available at a fraction of the cost.

Our Customers

Our client retention speaks for itself, with more than 99% retention over 10 years. We have accomplished this by listening to what you say, what your needs are, and finally they implement our recommendations. We are known for taking the best care of our customers, and all you need is to meet with us to find this out for yourself.

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