Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Many companies have facilities spread out across the country or around the world, and there is one thing that all of them need: A way to maintain fast, secure and reliable communications to all offices locations. The solution most used is a VPN.

A well-designed VPN uses several methods for keeping your connection and data secure such as firewalls, encryption, IPSec and use of AAA (Accounting Authorization Authentication) servers. Configuring a VPN and selecting the proper hardware can be a challenge, especially to configure a system that will provide sufficient speed and reliability to everyone using it. You don’t want a VPN to slow down just because you have a couple dozen offices and the sales force is growing by leaps and bounds.

Adder Consulting is an expert at VPN solutions and will consider all aspects of your business when implementing VPNs. Adder Consulting also offers VPN management and monitoring services so we can quickly address any issues with permanent point-to-point connections. Through Cobra Guardian™ we can also provide your international sales force with instant support should they have issues connection to the main office.

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