Viper™ VoIP

Introducing the next generation of voice communications - Viper™ VoIP - an enterprise level Voice Over IP (VoIP) telephone system with superior quality, features and cost savings.

Designed to enable businesses of all sizes to benefit from the latest in VoIP technology, Viper™ VoIP phone system packs features commonly available in enterprise level systems.

Key reasons why Viper should be considered:

Lowest Price: Extremely competitively priced. Consistently 30-50% less than other tier 1,2 or 3 providers.
Feature Rich: Viper VoIP comes standard with more features, and offers unique features that no other provider can.
Quality and Efficient: Flexible, powerful and scalable. Utilizes the highest quality hardware with redundancy and failover. High density system that continues to keep energy expenses to a minimum.

Viper VoIP

Voice over IP deployments generally cost slightly more than old fashioned PBXs up front due to network upgrades and other investments needed to run the system smoothly, but pays for itself within 8-18 months in reduced maintenance/operations cost and significantly cheaper dial plans! From that point on your company will enjoy huge cost savings if you use Viper™ for your telecom needs.

For businesses with multiple locations, the cost savings increase dramatically and Viper™ outshines the competition even more.

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