Wireless Security

Wireless Security is one of the chief concerns for anyone implementing a wireless network, whether it is a standalone wireless hotspot or an integrated wired / wireless solution. Thru implementation of the knowledge and experience obtained in real world wireless implementations our staff is capable of providing customers with a true secure and fully functional wireless deployment.

By utilizing technologies such as SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) monitoring, ACL (Access Control Lists), AAA (Accounting Authentication Authorization) services, and other strategic IDS (Intrusion Detection System) solutions we are able to manage monitor and report on any activity on a network where our service is established.

By implementing these monitoring and control systems we are able to provide our clients with a safe, secure, and effective web experience. We can also provide you with complete access control for your wireless network, and provide you with the most secure environment available today.

As with all the other security systems we offer, there is no “one glove fits all” for wireless networks; It depends heavily on your need for security and access control. Call Adder today for a security needs analysis today, so we can give you a complete picture of your current situation and what, if any, improvements should be made.

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