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The need for network security is a concern felt by all users of a network from the network administrator to the user that only connects to check email and from the programmer to the casual web browsing user. What do I need to do to use my computer and feel safe? What can I do to keep people and bad software out of my system?

Adder Consulting has the solution to these problems, and in part we perform a complete audit of your current infrastructure and assist in or manage the design and deployment of systems and solutions to ensure your network is a safe, secure and efficiently running environment.

How do we do that? We accomplish this by diagnosing the gaps in security and the places where the infrastructure can be tightened to improve performance and provide a report of our findings after which we make the necessary recommendations and assist in the implementing of those recommendations. We then monitor the network so as to determine the effectiveness of the solution that is in place and fine tune it to the needs and requirements of the administrator and users of the network.

For example, through Cobra Guardian™ we will monitor every single computer on the network and know what software is installed and if new software is installed or a computer system state changes. Without going into details of the intricacies, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Adder Consulting. Set up a meeting today to learn more about the Adder Consulting security services.

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