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Having a streamlined network setup is the core of any business.

To get the most of a network requires the correct use of network components, devices and installation. Nobody realizes how important it is to have a solid network setup in place until it starts failing or becomes very slow. Many companies will allow switches being added wherever they are needed without any thought as to how many layers they are adding to the network. Over time the network becomes sluggish or at times comes to a complete halt.

Adder Consulting can provide your business with all network infrastructure installations and maintenance, as well as upgrade your network to accommodate growth or data speed requirements. Through a thorough analysis of existing infrastructure, we can pin point what is going on and why things are the way they are.

The backbone of a computer network is the data wiring. Unfortunately, the wiring that a network runs on is probably the least planned part of a network, and most neglected. There are endless ways and methods of implementation a network infrastructure, and more than often, it is up to the local architect, electrician or wiring contractor to decide how to run wires, all of which have absolutely no clue how to structure a proper and efficient network infrastructure. After the fact, the IT administrators have to do the best they can with what is handed to them, which probably means installing expensive switches and lay down fiber optics to coop with distances and the ever increasing network loads.

Adder Consulting has trained certified technicians each with several years of practical experience in deployment available to solve the wiring dilemmas. They also work closely with our network engineers and data center specialists to ensure a cohesive wiring plan that will last well into the next decade.

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