Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting services are designed for executives looking for advice based on fresh perspective, knowledge and experience.

This service can be provided on an ongoing basis or for a particular project or issue that needs to be resolved. We provide insight and weighed options with probabel outcome for each instance, so educated decisions can be made based on personal preference and outside perspective.

Sample Management Consulting Engagements:

Provide ongoing advice and counsel to CEOs and senior executives
Provide interim, part-time or supplemental senior management
Strategic and operational support of corporate initiatives and technology planning
Expansion strategies and facilitation, market feasibility studies
Assistance with all aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Advice and tactics to resurrect failed strategies and initiatives
Start up company planning and advisory role

The Management Consulting service should not be confused with our Business and Process Optimization service - BOA Optimization. Management Consulting is a pure consulting service where we provide advice, research and insight to decision makers to better equip them to make the right decisions.

BOA is a full business optimization solution which identifies and corrects inefficient and costly processes, and is a company wide effort involving key senior executives, and you can read more about BOA by clicking here.

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