Intrusion Detection

As your business grows it stands to reason that your network will grow with it. With the growth of the network the need to know who is using the network and what is being utilized becomes of concern. By implementing an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), you can gain the knowledge and insight as to what your network is being used for and by whom. This is the first step in forming a solid security policy framework, which will also assist your business by improving network performance.

Adder Consulting provides a wide array of IDS, each offering a variety of features from network monitoring and system reporting, to live immediate interaction with a given system or user for management and administrative purposes.

We take security seriously, and make every effort to prevent intruders from gaining access to your networks. Common for all IDS’, is that they track any unwanted traffic inside the network. If you currently do not have an IDS system installed on your network, how will you ever know if someone has breached your network security and reeking havoc on your servers or harvesting data.

Call Adder Consulting today to have a complete network security audit performed so you at least know what the status of your network and firewall is.

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