Forensic Data Analysis

Forensic Data Analysis services are provided to businesses when a need exists to determine what happened to a system, data, or activities that need to be clarified beyond a reasonable doubt. A forensic analysis is typically limited to a specific event or within a specific time frame, and most often clues exist as to what transpired, but sometimes there is no direct evidence but only signals of some foul play.

Most corporate IT departments are not equipped, have the skills, or have the time to perform these tasks. In some situations there can be compelling reasons to specifically outsource these activities should the events that took place involve those who oversee IT. Any number of situations can exist that propel our clients to reach out to utilize our forensic knowledge.

Discretion and respect of your company’s privacy is first and foremost in these situations. Our years of addressing these types of issues confidentially ensures you are in not only capable, but responsible and accountable hands. We know what is at stake and take this work not only extremely seriously, but as though we work at your company directly. Your need for urgency, diplomacy and accurate results drives us to ensure our analysis is comprehensive. Adder Consulting has a strict privacy policy, and in cases of forensic data mining and analysis, we are especially aware of the sensitivity of these matters, and guarantees 100% discretion on all levels.

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