Data Encryption and Security

Data security is always on everyone’s mind, and if it is not, it should be. Are you aware how simple it is to intercept data traffic and assemble that information into legible text or audio? Knowing and understanding this is the first step towards becoming a paranoid IT professional, and we believe a healthy portion of paranoia is an asset when dealing with IT.

Data Encryption

There are many ways to encrypt data, and it is more or less just a question of how secure you want it. When encrypting information, the data is converted into an unintelligible form called cipher. Decrypting the cipher converts the data back to its original form, and the information is again available. Creating a sophisticated and unbreakable cipher is the goal of the encryption methodology, and they are normally ranked by how long it would take to crack the code using the most powerful computers available. This can range from merely weeks all the way to thousands of years.

As a standard practice sensitive data that crosses networks should be encrypted thru the use of PKI (Public/Private Key Infrastructure) system. The PKI system encrypts data such as VoIP (Voice over IP) phone calls, financial transactions, and other data traffic that may require security.

There is no “one glove fits all” when it comes to security and selecting the proper solution. Call Adder today for a security needs analysis today, so we can give you a complete picture of your current situation and what, if any, improvements should be made.

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