Content Filtering & Employee Monitoring

Content filtering is a part of life these days with spam filters and web content filtering. It is used to increase productivity and remove offensive language and images. The technology used for content filtering ranges from the simplest text based black lists to extremely sophisticated image scanning software and complex algorithms that consider hundreds of factors to determine whether something should be blocked or not.

Adder Consulting offers a multitude of options for how to provide this service, ranging from desktop solutions, onsite server solutions or even hosted filtering services. There is no one good solution that fits everyone’s needs, and we are dedicated to providing you with the correct solution and best service possible.

Employee monitoring
Unfortunately, sometimes businesses are forced to step in and track employee’s computer activities. There are many reasons for why this becomes a necessity, and can be anything from just wasting time, downloading music, surfing the internet, to the more serious activities such as company policy violations to criminal activities.

Adder Consulting employs a multitude of solutions and methods for tracking employee activities, and the less we put on the internet about this, the better it is for your business should the time come and you require our services.

This is something businesses normally do not want deal with, but the business has to protect it self and Adder Consulting makes every effort to assist your business as unobtrusive as possible.

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