Colubrids™ - Features & Benefits

Here are some of the reasons Colubrids™ is so far ahead of the competition:

Superior wireless network infrastructure and speed
High-speed WiMax backbones for consistent speed
“Wireless Cloud/Mesh” coverage with failover
Exceptional system architecture for maintaining multiple sites/locations
Experienced in large scale deployments (80,000 users)
Centrally managed single or multi-site access control
Bandwidth management and protocol control
Future proof: VoIP and IPTV ready and capable
Integrates seamlessly with AreaXS™
Secure transactions using known & proven methods
Seamless integration with other Adder Consulting products and services
Cutting edge hardware provides top speeds available anywhere public / private / military up to 100 gigabits per second
Legacy hardware compatibility means no expensive upgrades are required
Commercial quality and reliability obtained from major brand equipment.

True wireless network

WIMax backbone
Capable of supporting VoIP & IPTV
Easily upgraded to accommodate future technology
Secure data transmittals
Wireless “cloud” covering structures and/or areas
Failover throughout entire wireless coverage area
100% access control with optional automatic billing
Centrally controlled high speed connectivity
Extremely scalable and flexible
Robust and secure wireless connectivity
High performance
Uniform high-speed access throughout “cloud”

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