Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A has become a way of life for businesses today. It is no longer limited to larger multi-billion dollar corporations; any company of any size has the potential to be affected by a merger or acquisition. Consolidation is affecting all industries – do not get caught off guard. You will be impacted by this business situation eventually.

Our team of consultants can assist you before, during and after your merger or acquisition. We can provide support for the due diligence process, using proprietary tools that make performing these activities easy and painless. If you try to go it alone, or look to other departments to assist you, we guarantee you will be far less successful. Due diligence for IT is unique and unlike any other area.

Likewise during the merger or acquisition you will be asked prepare risk statements, cost estimates, and the like. We can assist you with these activities so you can provide your management team accurate and reliable information. This is your single opportunity to ensure that post merger/acquisition you are setting yourself up to succeed, not fail.

Further, after your merger or acquisition it is critical to execute your post-M&A strategy flawlessly. We will make that a reality and in turn you will gain the confidence of your management team immediately. IT and HR can have an enormous immediate impact on the cost structure of the merged companies, do not pass up this opportunity to shine and be the leader in this endeavor, not a victim.

Call Adder Consulting today – even if you are already well underway in any of the above activities. It is never too late to leverage our services and reap the tremendous benefits of our experiences with dozens of consolidation projects.

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