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How often do you read articles on the difficulty of aligning IT with the business? For those in the IT arena it appears to be a concept that remains out of reach for many companies. Adder Consulting is poised to end this dilemma once and for all.

Like any area of the business, strategy is important. Unlike some areas of a business, IT is both an internal and external service provider. The unique position IT has in working with all areas of the business, and the supply chain, requires that alignment occur – or IT will remain just a cost center.

To shift IT into a business partner that is fundamental to the success of your company you need real tools and decades of experience. It is not only possible, today it is mandatory.

Time and again we hear the old adage: “I don’t know where we are going, but we are making great time!”. Without an IT strategy you will be in the same boat. Investing in technology, people and equipment that might not be the priority if not part of an over arching strategy. That strategy must have buy-in from those most directly affected – the senior management of your company.

We assist you in developing your company’s strategy, and subsequently laying out the steps to execute that strategy and gaining the support you need to see it to fruition. The collaborative nature of how Adder develops your strategy, our proprietary easy-to-use tools (such as MS Office based tools) ensures success in this exercise.

Our strategy recommendations also consider the ever changing IT arena – it won’t become obsolete as soon as ink hits paper. Accommodating your business’ growth, and technology shifts, is part of our program. It is Sarbanes-Oxley compliant as well, and will assist you in documentation that your auditors will value. While simultaneously improving the effectiveness of your IT organization as a whole.

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