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As organizations become more global, the cultural and technological issues that result can be daunting. Our team has international experience and has successfully overcome those hurdles time and again. Leverage our “lessons learned” to avoid having to create your own list down the road.

Globalization of IT means new vendors, new languages, time zones, and cultures. Although technology appears to be universal, in many respects it is not. What works in one country may not in another due to areas such as privacy, legal requirements, and licensing. Our team has solutions for these issues and can help you find the best method to manage your overseas facilities efficiently.

Further, Adder has linguists on staff that combined speaks over 20 different languages, along with access to vendors in many countries that are reliable and assist you in implementing solutions abroad. Impress your executive team and navigate the issues they are struggling with easily and effectively by partnering with Adder Consulting.

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