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Hiring a CIO can be a daunting prospect. Finding the individual with a background not only in IT but also in business, and having the ability to make things happen, is rare at best. During this process or in lieu thereof, Adder Consulting can provide experienced, successful CIO candidates to alleviate this dilemma.

For the long term or for a contracted period, the effectiveness of our CIO team is unparalleled. Most hiring managers have doubts about this model – but we have had nothing but success. Our clients know that our team is talented and focused on the business goals, easily aligning IT with the challenges facing each company. In this pivotal role you have to get it right the fist time – technology and the related benefits of those solutions will not wait.

Our focus is not technology for the sake of it, but real business solutions. We work in cooperation with your senior managers and bring various entities together to form sound, defined, measurable, results oriented solutions. Because our CIOs have the entirety of the Adder Consulting team at its disposal, they can tap into knowledge sources unavailable to a traditionally hired CIO.

CIOs on contract will not force you to utilize Adder services, that is completely up to you. Adder services are available to our contract CIOs but in some cases our clients want to keep an arm-length. We appreciate that position and will work with you in that regard.

Our talented consultants have backgrounds that go far beyond computer science. Today’s CIO’s have to be business people first and foremost. We focus on what will increase revenue and decrease costs through competitive advantage. Since we see the internal workings of many companies we also know what you should be paying for solutions, how long it should take to implement them, and what the benchmark data is in this regard.

Confidentiality and discretion is pivotal to this role. Our executives understand and appreciate the access to internal systems they are often afforded and we take that role extremely seriously. Though contractually obligated, our actions go well beyond this legality. We know how precious your data and systems are to the ongoing operations of your company. Be rest assured that this has never, and would never be compromised simply because the CIO is contracted, versus hired.

The CIOs we work with purposely aspire to a contracted role. They enjoy the diversity and ability to quickly make an impact on a company. Often we “fix” issues and create an improved situation to better hire a permanent CIO. Setting your future hire up for success, not failure. Contact us today to see if this is the right solution for your needs.

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