The BOA Principals and Methodology

BOA targets all aspects of the business, no department or area is overlooked or under appreciated.

For this reason BOA is valuable to any organization, large or small, regardless of industry or products/services sold. Even non-profits benefit from the BOA approach!

Why is BOA’s advancements in business optimization so important? Today more than ever any organization must be savvy and competitive. If you are not fully optimized now, and anticipating the future, you are leaving money behind – period. BOA’s methodology while simple, is extremely effective. Releasing 5-15% to the bottom line year after year.

Keep it Simple
The drawbacks of all optimization methods used today is that – they are not optimization methods at all. Instead they are manufacturing quality initiatives that are intended to reduce waste and improve efficiency. While we do not suggest getting rid of these methodologies, these initiatives have been "stretched" as far as they possibly can. BOA is the next generation optimization methodology that simply cannot be ignored in this economy.

For competitive reasons we cannot go into details about how BOA achieves these amazing results, you need to understand that this is a zero risk engagement giving you a significant competitive advantage, and results are near immediate.

Process Rendering: Unlike typical process mapping, our proprietary solution maps all processes in record time.
Optimization: With a thorough understanding of the business and operations, the BOA Approach is put to work and within a short time frame cost saving changes and revenue generating improvements will be finalized.
Implementation – decades of tried and true methods of deployment have come to BOA in the form of simple, fast, and results oriented deployments. Not years – weeks in some cases – are all we need to get BOA off the ground and making you money!
Proactive – Once implemented, BOA is an integral and fundamental part of the organization in a way that Six Sigma, ISO, ITIL, or other methods simply cannot. The BOA Methodology assists and provides guidance moving forward ensuring optimum ROI throughout the organization.
Training – we provide thorough training, but this is not where we add the most value. We do not simply train and leave, we continue to provide consultative expertise from seasoned veterans at the same, if not lower budget as those that offer fewer results more slowly.

Your investment in BOA will yield significant results, and we guarantee that combined savings and revenue increase will exceed the cost of BOA within 6 months.

Unlike programs that ask you to make lengthy commitments to months of training, tools, and consulting hours – we minimize the initial investment and in turn focus on guaranteed results. Results that come quickly due to our proprietary methods.

The same approaches Adder has honed for decades to implement ERP systems in 6-9 months, versus our competitor’s 18-24 months, are leveraged in BOA. This immediate payback allows the program to be more or less self funded.

Further, we minimize time spent by employees on BOA to ensure you are not "losing" them to complex, difficult to manage quality programs vs. doing their jobs. BOA is so ingrained in their work they literally will not realize it is proactively assisting them daily.

We not only bring bottom line results, but we also ensure we are not creating waste simply in the deployment of BOA. BOA is quality management and process management optimized – we practice what we preach and therefore, your results are guaranteed.

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