BOA Introduction

BOA: Business optimization methodology for cutting cost, increase revenue and optimize processes throughout the entire organization.

BOA goes far beyond quality, process improvement and other well known statistical tools used today. Through decades of research and experience, it has evolved and exceeded everyone's expectation and achieves results far beyond todays quality mangement.

Although traditional quality management tools have their place, BOA stretches to optimize the total organization, not parts or departments. Born out of a perspective inclusive of manufacturing, BOA accounts for the forest and the trees in its approach to business optimization.

Below are some weaknesses of current methodologies that BOA overcomes:

Proactive - future oriented, as well as historical and current state
Inclusive of all business processes - not just manufacturing
Once implemented, BOA is easy to maintain by all staff levels
Incorporates technology and constant advancements
True, measurable, bottom line results
Near immediate results - not years

Overall BOA approaches optimization not solely as a business consultant, and not solely as a technology consultant - it is completely balanced through all perspectives. Perspective is at the heart of BOA be it proactive, spanning all organizational departments, or levels of the organization.

You might be wondering how BOA differs from other optimization methodologies and process improvement. Well, it is vastly different because it takes a holistic approach and considers all aspects of the business and its operation.

BOA Optimization focus areas:

Business Optimization: Company wide and inter-departmental, leaving no stone unturned.
Cost reduction: Do more with less (does not necessarily mean layoffs).
Increase Revenue: Get more without increasing overhead.
Process Optimization: Can a process be done more efficiently? Why is it done this way?
Business Security: BOA identifies security threats and eliminates potential issues that leaves the business vulnerable.

The results of having an optimized business are astounding. An average of 5-15% to the bottom line – yes, that is not a typo. The BOA program will give your company a competitive advantage and a boost over your competition, and we encourage you to examine a couple recent case studies outlined in the BOA Case Study section.

BOA is a real, concrete program to improve your business permanently, consistently, simply and profitably.

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