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Clients are guaranteed privacy and anonymity when working with Adder, so we cannot reveal company names. These scenarios examplfy our accomplishments in the past, and should be a good indicator for what we can do for you.

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$1.5b Manufacturing and Distribution
M&A integrations, high core business growth rates, increased call center and order entry activities beyond capacity of the organization. Although finding success, the ramifications of the new found business growth became unwieldy.


Antiquated phone systems that were not linked between newly integrated sites, sales and service offices made routing, call management, and order taking increasingly difficult.
All orders were taken manually since the product was custom tailored to each application
Newly implemented ERP system was virtually invisible to sales representatives and customers.
Simple requests such as a customer requesting a copy of an invoice was complex and difficult to process and deliver.

BOA Solution:
The analysis and our years of distribution channel expertise resulted in the introduction of a distributor portal. This portal has a direct real-time link to the ERP system in a completely secure manner.

The portal was introduced well ahead of the competition, giving our client a significant competitive advantage. Further, distributors were actually penalized for NOT using the portal – it became fundamental to the manner in which the client went to market.

BOA Results:

95% of all revenue is now entered online by the distributor.
No reduction in staff was required; in fact no significant staff increase was made even through double digit annual growth.
Customer satisfaction skyrocketed as they could gain access to simple needs such as reprinting invoices, statements, placing orders, tracking shipments and placing service orders.
Call center employees were able to provide higher level service – concierge – which both improved customer loyalty, but also provided more challenging career paths internally.
Reduced call volume by 50%

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