Adder Power - Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi)

WLAN enables users to access the network, applications and tools from portable PC’s, PDAs etc. from any location in the wireless network e.g. conference rooms in buildings, waiting lounges in airports, hotels, hospitals etc. It provides flexibility and increases employee productivity with easier access to information.

To realize these productivity gains and employee/customer satisfaction WLANs need to reliable and available. Adder Consulting provides complete end to end network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) solutions that increases their reliability and availability.

WLANs are extension of the wired LAN and it needs to provide the same levels of security, reliablity and availability. Adder Consulting has a suite of NCPI solutions for Access Points (APs) on the shelves or ceilings to layer 2 or layer 3 switches in the wiring closets to RADIUS servers in the data centers.

Starting with the APC Back-UPS HS, which is a cost-effective way to protect your access point requiring local power, all the way to the InfraStruXure® for wiring closets and data centers. All of these award winning products and solutions along with their management tools help you meet or exceed your needs for protecting your new WLAN and provides high availability to your network.

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