Adder Power - Storage

Whether your storage is direct attached, network attached or anywhere between, Adder Consulting has solutions which can help you improve your storage application's availability. Few people realize the battery system available with most of today's storage devices are not meant to increase your storage devices availability but rather to insure the cache is maintained during a momentary power outage. If the power does not return, the information on the cache is lost. This is insignificant with only one user, however if you have hundreds of users, the losses can escalate.

When Adder Consulting designed solutions for storage applications three key concepts came to the forefront. Our products had to improve the overall availability of the storage application, be able to scale to the fluctuating needs of storage devices and ensure the data integrity is never compromised even during extended outages. The InfraStruXure® solution not only ensures the storage device is receiving the proper power, but also the proper cooling. By using APC to protect your storage devices you can be assured that your information will always be available to those who need it.

Considering the scalability needs of storage devices, APC designed and developed the Symmetra product suite. Developed based on the storage array concept, all members of the Symmetra family have power modules which are scalable and hot swappable, thus increasing power as your capacity increases. This scalability built into the Symmetra allows you to decrease the upfront capital investment by only purchasing what you need today.

Finally, the APC Switched Rack-PDU ensures data integrity is maintained during an extended outage two ways, by sequencing the boot process and by disconnecting users from the storage device before the system shuts down. By sequencing the boot process using the Switched Rack-PDU product, APC makes certain that the controller is always the first one to come online. By disconnecting the users when runtime becomes minimal, APC ensures no additional information is being saved to the device and also allows enough time for the cache to be written to the drives.

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