Adder Power - Servers

Servers and the applications they run are critical to keep information, the life-blood of your business, flowing smoothly and effortlessly. To achieve this, a highly available and adaptable Network-critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) is necessary. Otherwise, your business and customers are at unnecessary risk for downtime.

Servers must always be available to keep your business running and deliver critical information to customers, partners, employees, and investors. Adder Consulting offers solutions to both optimize your server availability and protect your data-- regardless of the size, cost or location of your servers.

Especially now, as blade servers change the rules of data center design, requiring rapid deployment of a new generation of power distribution and heat removal capability, you need a more than just a UPS vendor. You need a partner that can supply you with the right critical physical infrastructure.

With years of industry expertise, Adder Consulting is the partner of choice to help you minimize your risk of downtime by providing the proper protection where you need it, when you need it. From innovative power and cooling products for up to 20KW per rack, to rack components and services, Adder Consulting delivers strong, dependable Network-Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI).

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