Adder Power - Server Rooms & Data Centers

Computer Rooms are the heart of many small/medium businesses. Often not originally or specifically designed to provide the ideal environment for IT equipment, special attention to Network Critical Physical Infrastructure (NCPI) when deploying racks of servers, switches, and other IT equipment is required to ensure availability.

Adder Consulting offers solutions for the Computer Room including UPS, racks, rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs), air-conditioning/airflow, environmental management, and other related accessories to achieve the level of availability required.

Many challenges have evolved in the computer room environment over the past few years due to trends such as server consolidation, technology compaction, and the convergence of voice, video, and data. Challenges include: getting enough power and power receptacles to each of the racks to support today’s increasing power densities, effectively cooling all of the IT equipment deployed, organizing the large amount of data and power cables, providing security, and managing the complete system.

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