Adder Power - Military/Ruggedized

Why do you need End-to-End protection for Military Applications? Mobile Units deploy worldwide and at a moments notice, therefore they need units capable of operating in 50 or 60 Hz and multiple input voltage environments and rugged enough to withstand transits to the location and operations once on-site. The user also needs seamless, non-permanent installations, with the flexibility and availability to deliver power for extended periods.

Distributed and Zoned Power Protection Solutions:

APC Smart-UPS X155 Special Product - Ruggedized UPS which meets MIL-STD-901 and MIL-STD-167 for mobile applications and safety, for 120VAC environments with hard-wired power cord.

APC Smart-UPS X167 Special Product - Auto-sensing, dual-voltage UPS (120VAC and 240VAC), with detachable cords so country-specific cords can be used.

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