Adder Power - Branch Offices

For many businesses, providing goods and services and building close customer relationships are vital to their bottom line. Customers expect consistency and a high-quality level of service. Therefore, building and maintaining a successful network of branch offices is key to gaining a competitive advantage.

To accomplish this, businesses depend on technology to provide the most efficient, reliable voice and data communications within the main site and between branch sites. Consequently, the need for a highly available power infrastructure has never been greater. Adder Consulting can help with a wide variety of power, rack and cooling solutions for the branch office.

Today, branch offices face many challenges, including voice/data convergence, legacy equipment upgrades, lowering support costs and integration with large corporate networks. They require adaptable, highly manageable solutions that provide the agility to respond to ever-changing IT and business environments.

Adder Consulting offers a wide range of end-to-end solutions that meet these requirements by providing cost-effective alternatives for all office needs. For the front office, Adder Consulting provides UPS and surge protection solutions for PCs, workstations, point-of-sale equipment, printers, and fax/copy machines.

For the back office, Adder Consulting provides power, rack and cooling solutions with modular, scalable and redundant options. These solutions support a wide variety of IT devices, including servers, switches, hubs, gateways, routers and legacy PBX. Choose Adder Consulting for the highest level of availability, remote manageability and compatibility for all your back office needs.

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