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Adder Consulting is a multi-facetted consulting organization with an exclusive focus on making our clients more profitable. The methodologies used and the solutions we present are thorough, comprehensive and cutting edge, leaving the competition completely "in the dust". The principals of Adder have roots in business management and optimization, along with in-depth knowledge of technology, making Adder Consulting very unique in the industry. Adder is a privately owned business and committed to fostering long-term business relationships with our clients.

The corporate mission, culture and philosophy focus on providing superior service to our clients while growing the business.

Adder Consulting was established in 1998 and the mission has not changed during the many years of operation, despite significant growth, ever-changing technology and increased sophistication and complexity.

Our clients enjoy our versatility and attention to detail. We proactively address needs and ensure our clients have options that are clearly understood. More than anything else, our clients are always amazed at the quick turn-around and the consistently fast response times.

We see our business relationship as a partnership with the companies we serve, where our success is closely tied to our client’s success. Our growth is based on these principals, and ensuring we never lose track of that focus.

Adder Consulting is headquartered on the east coast of the United States in the small, but beautiful state of Rhode Island.

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